Making Small Lot Development Viable

Making Small Lot Development more Viable

April 30, 2019

On Thursday May 16th, Andre Soluri, the principal of Soluri Architecture will be giving a presentation on how to make small NYC lot development more viable.

New York City’s real estate market is famous for its skyscrapers and large developments, but in a surprising twist the most common lot sizes throughout the city are actually very small. Small lots pose many particular limitations and challenges – many NYC developers cut their teeth on them but vow never to return and quickly move onto la

Andre’s expertise in small lot design came into focus over the last year when he wrote a growth plan based on small lot development during the prestigious Goldman Sachs 10000 Small Businesses accelerator program. His ideas were further developed and given practical application during the Big Ideas for Small Lots NYC competition held earlier this year that was sponsored by the AIA and HPD. projects. In today’s challenging real estate market, these lots can provide a unique and profitable investment opportunity if done properly and strategically.

The presentation will be at 7:45am at 80 Broad Street. It’s part of a monthly real estate round-table organized by the real estate lawyer Kenneth Volandes. If interested in attending please to

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