Soluri Architecture has a wide range of clients, including luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, cities and municipalities, real estate developers, corporations, manufacturers, and individual home owners—all of whom are linked by a need for high-quality and cutting-edge design.

Our clients are progressive, outside-the-box thinkers at the cutting edge of their industry and way of being. They aren’t interested in cookie-cutter design or blending in. And as they boldly chart new territories and challenge the status quo, they seek a space or building designed to reflect their unique values, mission, and lifestyle.

If this is you – then you’re one of our people.




Below is a selected list of current and past clients:

Commercial & Corporate
Louis Vuitton, North America
RAB Lighting
The Windish Agency
303 5th Avenue Inc
Eurasia Group
Outside the Big Box / Aaron Lichtman
Simon Ganz
Capitol Sprinkler
Mango Cross Media
Kennedy Space Center (DNC Parks & Resorts at KSC, Inc.)
Paragon Space

Retail & Hospitality:
Horizon Window Treatments
267 5th Ave / Midtown Loft
Manhattan Mall / Arc Consultants
Gramercy Park Floral
Stark’s Restaurant

Medical / Spa / Hospitality:
Eden Day Spa / B2B Associates
Sensident / Dr Nikolas Jimenez
La Vie Zen Spa / Lee Tai Enterprises
Dr Park Avenue

Multi-family Residential:
Bestrow Real Estate
Real Assets Property Management
564 5th St, LLC
Buchbinder & Warren
Prentium Real Estate / Anne Abbott
105 E19th St Co-op Board

Public / Non-profit:
City of University Place, WA
City of Woodway, WA
Consulate of Uruguay
The Aperture Foundation
Gateways / Rabbi Suchard
Ahi Ezer Congregation
Muscular Dystrophy Association

Residential (partial list)
Ross Barna & Thanh Tran
Amira Yunis & Dudley Hancox
Naomi Zauderer & Stephen Choi
Colin Diamond
Johan Firmenich
Brigitte Vosse
Cliff Rosen
John Oldweiler
Chana Ben-Dov

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