Project Types

As a design-focused firm, Soluri Architecture works within a wide range of project types, bringing our unique design methodology to each project we take on.

We attract clients who desire to build a unique vision for their project, with innovative design that differentiates them from others and expresses their distinct qualities. Our clients are often in a transforming or evolving stage, seeking to create a building that reflects their next-level mindset and design aesthetic. This works perfectly with our innovative, client-centered design approach that occurs from the inside out, beginning with a deep understanding of the project as a complex entity.

We approach each client and project as a unique vision, with the intention to create a building or environment unlike anything else that exists. With our extensive range of experience and client-centered focus, we excel in bringing extraordinary buildings and spaces to life in a wide variety of project types.

Below is a brief outline of many types of projects we have worked on:


Office: Corporate & Tech


Our innovative approach clicks perfectly with progressive, and disruptive companies seeking to create a cutting-edge workspace and/or a launching pad for their progressive business. We deeply analyze the unique characteristics of the company to understand their mission, values, culture and specific needs. We then look at the relationships and flows that occur and from there, develop Performative Diagrams that map out these unique frameworks and flows. From these individually-designed diagrams, we create unique office spaces customized to our clients.

The projects we design break the mold of traditional workspaces, allowing for a more integrated flow within the space while providing a variety of environments that enhance relationships and productivity.



We love building extraordinary living spaces, and have completed more than 60 residential projects over the past 11 years, making us proud experts in the field. By listening carefully to our clients’ needs and understanding the essence of the space they wish to create, we design a customized residential building that is truly one-of-a-kind. True to customized fashion, there is no set or defined “style” that we operate within, but the majority of our residential projects tend to be simple and elegant, built with warm materials and significant attention to lighting design, finishes, millwork, and detail.

Commercial, Retail, Hospitality  


We are proud to design and build distinctive commercial, retail, and hospitality spaces that truly stand out from their competitors. It’s important for commercial spaces to distinguish themselves from their competition by creating a special and unique space for their customers. We achieve this through carefully listening and analyzing our client’s requirements, then developing a clear and customized design concept that serves as the foundation for the project. From here, we intentionally craft and integrate the space, lighting, and materials to accentuate this initial concept. The result is a one-of-a-kind built environment that creates a unique, high-end, and enjoyable experience for customers. 

Medical & Spa


How do you normally feel when you enter a medical facility? Most medical centers are stark and cold – it’s our aim to change that completely. We believe it’s vitally important for medical facilities to create serene, welcoming, and safe environments for their patients, so we prioritize these elements when designing such a space. Our design and construction approach incorporates the technical requirements for a modern medical center along with the tranquil feeling of spa environments, resulting in comfortable, cutting-edge facilities that redefine the medical experience for the better.

When it comes to spa design, our priority is to create an environment of serenity that transports customers away from the stresses of everyday life, especially in a busy city. One of our unique design elements incorporated in our NYC spa projects features a tranquil transition from the street to the spa, giving customers an emotional felt experience of the space. We intentionally select materials and lighting to enhance the spa experience, and take into careful account the separation and flow of spaces to enhance the essences of calm and serenity.



Soluri Architecture has extensive experience working on projects at all stages of development, including new buildings, renovations, interiors, and master planning.

New Buildings


All of our new buildings are designed and constructed using our inside-out methodology, resulting in unique buildings that function as needed while conveying their unique character and design. Our significant experience with interior renovations uniquely positions us to design both the building’s interior and exterior, ensuring they flow together seamlessly and effectively.



 Our renovation projects span all types, sizes, budgets, and levels of complexity. Beginning with a deep understanding of our client’s needs and initial ideas, we build a comprehensive vision and design that brings incredible new life to an existing building or interior space. Over the past 11 years, we have successfully renovated over 100 existing buildings and interior spaces, bringing our depth of knowledge and experience to build-out the vision for these renovations.

Because we have such an in-depth understanding of our client’s vision and needs, we typically do the interior design for most of our architectural projects, creating palettes that work cohesively with the given project. By directly integrating the interior design into the project as a whole, the final result is cohesive and aligned with the initial concept. At times, we are brought in specifically to work on interior design and renovations for other projects, where we use our knowledge and skills to breathe new life and energy into existing spaces.

Master Planning


We have been involved in the master-planning of several large-scale projects. Our unique design methodology allows us to quickly develop comprehensive and cohesive master-plan concepts for complex large-scale projects.

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