Ankara Boutique Hotel

  • hotel lobby design by Soluri Architecture

  • hotel room design by Soluri Architecture

  • hotel rooftop bar design by Soluri Architecture

  • hotel design by Soluri Architecture

  • hotel restaurant design by Soluri Architecture

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Ankara Boutique Hotel


Client: Tran Real Estate

Ankara, Turkey


Soluri Architecture (SA) was hired to develop a concept design for the interior of a new 150-room boutique hotel located in Ankara, Turkey.


The client required a turn-key concept design proposal in two weeks, which included renderings and plans for the key elements of the hotel. This proposal was to include the design, selection of all finishes and furniture, as well as the preparation, purchase, and installation of each element. Typical for hospitality projects, this comprehensive proposal included a single-contract full-service implementation of the concept design.


As the exterior of the Ankara Boutique Hotel had already been designed, we needed to work within those constraints to create a unique design concept and user experience.
Our designs reflected our reinterpretation of a caravanseri, a common type of lodge during the Silk Road era. Because Ankara sits at the crossroads of Eastern and Western culture on the ancient Silk Road, our hotel concept and suite design highlight the juxtaposition of East and West by marrying traditional patterns and sumptuous textiles of the East with more traditional European elements. Each space within the hotel interpreted this concept in a slightly different way.
In the restaurant, for example, the ceiling was based on traditional Turkish crochet textiles, and hanging light fixtures that were based on traditional punched lanterns. A hanging bronze mesh fabric is woven through the spaces to to create more intimacy while keeping an overall sense of openness. We combined these more traditional elements with recessed cove lights, a open, minimal architecture and other techniques to create a contemporary, luxury hotel with traditional features based on a Silk Road concept.


To prepare this concept design proposal, Soluri Architecture put together a highly experienced team specializing in hotel design, development, and procurement. In two weeks, SA not only developed the hotel’s overall design concept, but also translated that concept into preliminary design drawings, renderings and material palettes for each of the primary areas.
Soluri Architecture completed the final concept design proposal within two weeks, bringing together an experienced team that could also purchase, fabricate, and install all the interior elements in the hotel within an aggressive 13-month schedule.