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CCM Manhattan


Client: CCM

15 West 39th Street

New York

Over the past 30 years CCM has helped 100,000 New Yorkers obtain culturally sensitive mental-health treatment by addressing the root causes associated with mental-illness and substance abuse through a series of non-profit clinics located across in NYC.

This 5,200sf facility houses a licensed mental-health and substance abuse clinic that provides social support services to at-risk families by creating a network of support that promotes healthy, stable, and enriched lives for their clients.  Our design fosters these ideals by creating a safe and calming place for these treatments to occur.

Located on the entire floor of a 100-year-old midtown building originally containing showrooms and manufacturing, the space had been converted into offices – standard offices lined the perimeter while workstations and an oval-shaped conference room occupied the middle. To minimize the cost and construction of adapting this office into a mental-health clinic, we maintained the existing perimeter offices and focused our efforts on the middle, where 6 additional treatment rooms (known as interview rooms) were built to achieve CCM’s goal of fifteen. We also added an intern workstation area in the rear and a large open reception/waiting room at the front where a frosted-glass privacy-shield protects clients from being seen from the public elevators.

To keep costs down, we used simple yet warm materials and furnishings that are complimented by lighting design that further enhances the creation of a calming environment. A green feature-wall celebrates CCM’s mission, purpose and process by using company colors and key-words from their mission statement & therapeutic methodology to further distinguish the space while providing clients an opportunity to engage with CCM’s vision and mission.

Construction began on March 1,2020 and within 2 weeks the Covid-19 pandemic shut-down the city. As a NY State Licensed mental-health outpatient clinic, the project qualified as an “Essential Project” under NYS/NYC rules and construction soon resumed, but at a slower pace. The architecture and construction team were committed to completing this important project during a difficult time. Work was finished in June 2020 allowing the clinic to begin helping those in need and struggling to get through the pandemic.