Gramercy Park Floral – Plaza Hotel Retail

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Gramercy Park Floral – Plaza Hotel Retail


Client: Gramercy Park Floral

768 5th Avenue

New York


Opened in 1904, Gramercy Park Floral is the oldest family-owned floral business in New York City. Seeking to expand its retail presence, the store’s owners sought to open a branch in the new high-end retail arcade being developed at the exclusive Plaza Hotel in midtown Manhattan.


The store’s owners needed a quick design solution to meet an aggressive schedule and to show compliance with the strict guidelines for this new retail arcade set by the Plaza Hotel’s management. The client asked for a simple, minimal design that could recede into the background, allowing their flowers to take center stage.


To meet the client’s needs, Soluri Architecture created a clean, contemporary design for this retail space that would allow the flowers to stand out as the focal point. We intentionally held back, using minimal design and simple lighting to optimally complement the flowers, while integrating a large flower refrigerator that would blend with the design aesthetic.


The final project’s complete design services included a survey of the space, concept design drawings, and a set of drawings for submission to the hotel to confirm compliance with their retail guidelines. The project was quickly approved and built within the demanding schedule, and is now a high performing branch for Gramercy Park Floral.