Hudson Blue Condominium

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Hudson Blue Condominium


Client: HB2

423 West St

New York


The Hudson Blue Condominium is a boutique residential building built early in the transformation of the “Golden Coast” along the Hudson River in Manhattan’s West Village. The building’s developer wanted to build a beautiful, contemporary condominium building with bright and spacious interiors, including an all-glass, river-facing facade to bring in views and light.


The design uses a minimalistic architectural language to create an open, contemporary environment that maximizes the potential value of each unit within this compact building so they would feel as large as possible. The front curtain wall was designed with a vast expanse of glass to maximize the serene views of the Hudson River.


As project architect for HB2, SA principal Andre Soluri completed the construction document set, which included coordinating the architectural, structural, and mechanical/electrical/plumbing drawings. In addition, he also assisted in revising the interior and exterior design, reviewing drawings, and resolving field-related issues during the initial months of construction.