Madison Avenue Spa

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Madison Avenue Spa


Client: Lee Tai Enterprises

420 Madison Ave

New York, NY


The client for this spa at 420 Madison Avenue also owned the building. She desired to transform a full floor in her building into a luxurious, full-service spa that would act as a tranquil yet contemporary oasis away from the chaos of the city.


Putting the spa clientele’s comfort first, we decided to divide the spa into separate men’s and women’s treatment areas with an interstitial hallway intertwining between these areas. The hallway becomes a primary design feature through the use of silver leaf and cove lighting that illuminate lines of soft, sheer drapes. At the spa’s center, we created several neutral lounge areas where clients can relax between treatments.


The project was designed and built to create a luxurious and fully immersive spa experience for its customers, offering a serene and contemporary respite amidst the bustle of Midtown Manhattan.
At over 5,000 square feet, the spa includes numerous treatment rooms for massages and facials as well as a waterproof treatment room for body washes. Because it was built to provide an ideal experience for both men and women by separating their treatment areas, the spa includes well-strategized details throughout to create this separation while enhancing the experience of tranquility.
The spa has had extensive press coverage both online and in national and local magazines.