CCM Manhattan Clinic by Soluri Architecture

Construction Completed at CCM’s Manhattan Clinic

November 25, 2020

Construction has been completed at CCM’s new Manhattan mental health clinic. This 4,200sf facility was designed pre-pandemic and was built during the pandemic. This is the 2nd clinic (and 3rd project) that Soluri Architecture has done for CCM, allowing them to expand and continue serving at-risk families during the pandemic by enlarging a network of support that promotes healthy, stable, and enriched lives for their clients and communities.

CCM is a Brooklyn based non-profit organization that has helped over 100,000 New Yorkers obtain social support services and mental health treatment over the past 30 years. Soluri Architecture is honored to be working for CCM and is using architecture and design to further their mission by creating high-quality interior environments that provide safe, inclusive, and calming places for those seeking treatment.

While construction is completed and signed-off, the facility is currently undergoing certification by the NY State Office of Mental Health (OMH) before opening to the public. Once the facility is formally opened, it will be fully photographed and added to our website…stay tuned!

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