AI + Architecture Symposium

Please join us at the AIANY’s Center for Architecture on Saturday Dec 16 for an all day Symposium on AI + Architecture – the first major event focusing on AI at the AIA New York | Center for Architecture. Co-organized by SA principal Andre Soluri, the conference go beyond the speculative and focus on what’s actually happening now with the application of artificial intelligence to architecture, it’s practice and the profession. The event will have

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Soluri Architecture attends Interior Design magazine Resource Sarasota

Principal Andre Soluri attends Interior Design Magazine’s Re:Source Sarasota

Soluri Architecture’s principal Andre Soluri was invited by Interior Design Magazine to attend the exclusive Re:Source Sarasota event in Sarsota, Florida. Re:Source Sarasota is all-expense paid conference hosted by Interior Design Magazine that brings together some of the design industry’s most influential architects and designers to build relationships with the industry’s top product manufacturers. The conference was a chance for Andre to learn about many of the new products and industry trends while building relationships

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