Soluri Architecture Best residential architect in brooklyn new york

Home Builder Digest’s “The Best Residential Architects in Brooklyn, New York”

February 5, 2020

Soluri Architecture has been included in this year’s recently released list of “Best Residential Architects in Brooklyn, New York” by the national online website Home Builder Digest. The list includes 15 of the top architects working in New York City and highlights the recent awards Soluri Architecture has won as well as the recently completed ground-up condo building designed by the firm called The Vidro.

Below is the except from the article highlighting Soluri Architecture:

“Award-winning boutique firm Soluri Architecture has a performative design process that promotes a collaborative environment between client and designer. Soluri Architecture realizes that most clients don’t understand the architectural design process and how critical it is to create successful & exceptional projects. Because client involvement is such an important part of this process, the firm has developed a performative design process that has been drawn into a diagram that is given to clients and acts as a roadmap for the project so they can follow the process. The process creates qualitative flow diagrams for each project that document their understanding of their client’s needs. This allows them to create functional and practical design, while providing a foundation for unique and unexpected design solutions.

The firm’s portfolio showcases a range of complex residential, commercial and public projects. For its diverse portfolio, the firm has received numerous awards including a Design Award for Honor from the Society of American Registered Architects (SARA) and five Architecture Awards from Build Magazine.

Its most recent award-winning project is The Vidro. Its glass exterior definitely stands out in Harlem’s Brownstone neighborhood. The boutique condominium has six units with elegant interior finishes. Despite being new in the neighborhood, the Vidro already won Build Magazine’s Most innovative New York Condominium Design and was a finalist for the best “Exterior Building” at the 2019 NYCxDesign awards.”

Custom Home Builder Digest is a national online magazine dedicated to the residential housing industry. The magazine celebrates the best luxury home builders, remodelers, and architects throughout the country and works to be a trusted source for recommendations about construction professionals. Theye also offer consultation services and building expertise for current and future homeowners.

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