Principal Andre Soluri to Speak at ‘A22 – The 2022 National AIA Convention in Chicago

January 14, 2022

We are pleased to announce that SA Principal Andre Soluri will be speaking at the 2022 National AIA Convention in Chicago in June. The accepted proposal was organized and prepared by Andre for a 90 minute moderated panel called “AIA Unified Crisis Taskforce – Safer Communities”.

The panel, which will be moderated by Andre, will focus on how architects can rapidly make their communities safer and affect positive change during a crisis … and then apply these lessons to longer-term challenges. The panel includes: architect Michael Chen, AIA; Socio-spatial Designer Amy Rosen; and architect/urbanist Damu Radheshwar who are all members of the AIA New York Unified Crisis Task Force City and State.

The panel will present case-studies showing transformation at three scales: whole community engagement and action, transformation of city streets; transformation of individual businesses that anchor those communities through jobs, services and economy. . The panel will demonstrate how architects leverage their skills, technical expertise, and networks to make a Blueprint for Better that tackles challenges within their communities while making them more inclusive, diverse and equitable.

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