Principal Andre Soluri Testifies at New York City Council Hearing on Outdoor Dining

At today’s New York City Council hearing, SA principal Andre Soluri testified in support of proposed zoning amendments that begins the process of creating a permanent outdoor dining program. In his testimony, Andre agrees states how many of the challenges and problems being highlighted by others testimony can be easily fixed through a combination of “…good design, clear yet flexible guidelines, and increased consistent enforcement.” He then goes on to outline the work being done

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Daily News Publishes Op-Ed by Principal Andre Soluri

The Daily News has published an Op-Ed by SA’s principal Andre Soluri in support of zoning amendments that are part of the process to create a permanent outdoor dining program. The Op-Ed discusses how many of the problems in the current Open Restaurant program can be fixed through good design, clear but flexible guidelines, and increased enforcement. Andre also highlights the efforts of New York’s architecture and design community to tackle the challenges A link

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NYC Outdoor Dining by Soluri Architecture for Pro Thai Restaurant

Design Corps: Construction Completed at Pro Thai

Construction of our first pro-bono Design Corps project has been completed – the outdoor dining build-out for Pro Thai in East Harlem. The completed project is truly the result of a team effort and a great example of how the architecture, design and construction industries are coming together to help small businesses survive during this pandemic – epitomizing the goals and ideals of the Design Corps. The key challenge at Pro Thai was the steep

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Pro Bono Services provided by Soluri Architecture for East Harlem Restaurant through Design Corps

Design Corps: Pro-bono Services Provided to East Harlem Restaurant

Soluri Architecture has completed the design and construction drawing set for Pro Thai, a restaurant located in east Harlem. Our services for this project are being provided pro-bono through the Design Corps. The sidewalk outside their restaurant is located on a steep hill, which makes it a challenge to comply with DOT requirements for the Open Restaurant program.  By creating stepped platforms separated by planters, we were able to overcome the challenges presented by the hill while

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NYC Design Corps webinar

Design Corps: Webinar on Outdoor Dining

Today, Soluri Architecture participated in a Design Corps webinar advising NYC based restaurants on guidelines and best practices for participating in the Open Restaurant program administered by NYC’s Department of Transportation (DOT). The webinar included presentations from the NYC design community (AIANY, Rockwell Group, Design Advocates & Soluri Architecture) and 3 city agencies including the NYC Economic Development Corporation (EDC), NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) and the NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS). Our

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